Monday, 28 March 2011

So many thoughts, so little time

I know my blog template has changed like 50 times already, i just cant seem to find something I like, so changing my blog will probably be my pet project throughout the year when I should be doing more constructive work. Maybe one day I'll be happy.

So we've been working like mad trying to get everything done for this design and theory hand in on wednesday. What makes it worse is that we have a test as well in the morning, sigh.

We've basically been doing our floor layouts which takes forever and mine has 5 floors, so it gets really tiresome. Also we have to have conceptual ideas, hmm...about that. Not quite there yet, i'm still figuring out the space planning in my head so my expectations of marks for this hand in are not extremely high.

So i should really get to it then.

Ha ha this sums up my level of conceptual thought right now perfectly! Classic

Friday, 18 March 2011

                                         Old Mad Daddy Hotel, Elgin, Western Cape

I love Pedersen & Lennard designs because of their simplicity and their sustainable focus. But besides that Luke Pedersen is by boyfriend's cousin through marriage so its pretty cool to see how well they are doing. And what's even better is that Luke is from Port Elizabeth, so big ups to the locals of PE!

I didn't know that they supplied the furniture to the new Old Mad Daddy in Elgin, which is the follow on from Daddy Long Legs hotel in Cape Town. So its good to know that they're getting big jobs like this.
Just added this in to show the stool that they are well known for and one of their first designs.

So i'll be watching them and posting stuff throughout the year. Hopefully I can visit their showroom/coffee shop in Woodstock CT sometime this year.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Project update

Well things are definitely starting to heat up and its 'getting hectic' in the words of Tammy. All our as builts are due on thursday  and althought i've been working on them for a while now, i could only measure my 2nd building on friday. So having two buildings is quite taxing cause its double work for myself.

And while we are doing all of this we are expected to have grown a clone of oursleves so that we can do design. Yes cause thats possble...


I still dont have a logo completed but i'll post one when i do.

As you can tell I'm a bit over all of this. I think i just need to relax. Breathe in - breathe out

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Headway or so I tell myself

Well it seems like ground has finally been broken on this monster of a mountain.
I have measured up my first building in a lightning fast display of laser usage. Only took me 4.5 hours to measure up 3 floors which were completely covered in fibre glass dust. My hand is still itchy!
But as builts have been started as well. Just have to edit, do my site plan, 4 external elevations, and add in my drainage. But that's next week's problem right now.

I've also been deciding on a name and so far THE DESIGN DOCK seems to be a winner, with the smaller functions having their own name, which all play on the name for boats or something harboury. Like YOT (young.original.talent) is the name of the young designers retail and workshop space. So the office will be something else, as well as the restaurant. I think its quite cute, but we'll see if it sticks.

So thats what I'm up to now, identity and thesis research. Bleh. Thesis is ok if I know what I want to say but thats sometimes the problem, not knowing how to get to the point quick enough. But i'll work on it.

At least I'm not feeling so completely aimless and lost anymore. I have weekly objectives that I'll focus on instead of the huge image of possible failure that is constantly lurking around.

Forward on I say.

Dont you just love Banksy!