Sunday, 31 July 2011

Post-it stop animation

Check out this AWESOME stop animation artwork installation.

The video was made by 25 animators over a span of five months, using a staggering 350,000 of the sticky notes pasted on the walls of their building. 30,000 of them were love messages—in line with their “Power of Love” theme—written by spectators.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Someone is out there!

Ok this might be a bit lame for some people but I just got my first @mention on twitter by Dezeen, which is a design website I absolutely love! So feeling very chuffed with myself :) I promise I wont blog about every RT or @mention I get from now but I do feel the first one deserves some celebration.

RT : Absolutely love this but dont know if they are very practical to sit on ;) RT: Dezeen 2D/3D Chairs:
The link above in the tweet is the article we were discussing. Love the concept and the sense of fun that some designers can get away with. So go check it out.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

We are now tweeting...

So the new term and semester has started and alongside blogging we have to tweet! The pages I'm following are all design related so hopefully we will be seeing some cool stuff that i'll put the links to on my blog and vise versa. For those who want to follow me on twitter my name is @MyTwoCents01.

Tweet soon :)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Nearing the end of holidays... :(

Well the "holidays" have been rather average I would say. Not much holidaying and more working in my opinion. But i suppose thats the curse of Post-grad. So what have I been keeping myself busy with?

Well I have fixed up my thesis which is just about ready. Just have to add in the last three chapters which will happen over this semester, design chapter, product, and technical drawings.

Also been fixing up some stuff for design from the comments of the externals at portfolio. That went really well and they were impressed by the amount of work and the depth of thought in my work, so that's a really big relief! PHEW!

And now i've been working on my product design. We have to design 3 products from our space and have one made and make scale models of the other 2. So the first product i want to make is my bookshelf.

I went about town today getting quotes etc and its going to cost roughly R7500 to make (EEK!) so might have to go with product 2 or 3.
Product 2 is a coffee table found in my office

This is just the first draft of the table design so will probably change as i go.
Then product 3 is a light in my restaurant that uses products from the food industry that would otherwise be thrown away to make a unique object. So thinking of using metal tins to form a light but the shape or look of it is still pretty sketchy right now.

And so the work never stops and we just carry on doing what we're doing. Hopefully it will all be ok in the end :)