Thursday, 7 April 2011

So what exactly am I doing?

I have posted that I'm doing a harbour development as my project but haven't exactly gone into detail about what exactly is going on.
So to fill you in...

The Design Dock is a multi-use space that aims to create a design hub in PE. The space will serve as a transitional space between varsity and becoming established designers. It aims to aid in rejuvenating the public opinion about the city in terms of the opportunities for its young people, as well as start development in the harbour, for all of its citizens to enjoy. The harbour has an important history in terms on South African history and people overlook this or do not know about it. This is why the harbour has been chosen as this space reflects the heritage of the city and should be utilised by the people of PE.
So the Design Dock aims to create a sense of pride it the citizens of PE in terms of who they are and what they can offer on a national and internationl scale. Go PE Go ;)

*The retail space will sell the products made by these young designers, i.e. ceramics, furniture, decor items, fashion.

*The workshop will provide the equipment and the space the designers need to work without them having to push out huge amounts of money to start themselves up to buy all of this equipment.

*The office space will be a brand development and marketing agency that will design the branding, packaging etc for the young designers. As well as work to get their name out their. This company will also organise exhibitions, functions and workshops for the Design Dock.

*The restaurant will provide a more social interaction space for the designers, office staff as well as all of PE's citizens to come and enjoy the harbour environment over a good meal. This space will also provide the added revenue to keep the entire space functioning.

So as you can see, the functions are all interdependent and therefore will all have a similar aesthetic or atmosphere to reflect the space as being one brand.

Now you know :)