Sunday, 14 August 2011

Term update

So, what have we been keeping ourselves busy with? CAD, CAD and more CAD. We've been getting our designs into proper CAD plans and busy drawing like mad to meet the deadlines. Its crazy how as soon as you start looking at things technically, how much stuff has to change. My floor plans have changed twice in one week! And that means drawing like mad just to be able to fix up and meet the next deadline for sections and elevation.

But things are finally feeling like they're progressing. And an upside to all these drawings is that things are finally getting solve din my mind that I was always feeling a bit unsure about. Like how would that structure actually just "hang in the air" like that?

So hopefully as design starts to draw to an end, we can start to do things like our 3d's, and then I can post some of these. Will be cool to finally see the end product drawn up in CAD or Max.

Although there is a lot of work ahead of us, we're now heading downhill now to the end. The hard stuff - the coming up with the design - is done so now its just the start of the slave-like drawing for weeks on end. But I'm ready for it, and keen to get stuck in so it can be that much closer to the end :)

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